Data that decides

strategically interconnected

Designed to deliver more than insight, Addium sensors and software help you make the best decision to grow forward. Our three product lines are strategically interconnected, providing one cohesive ecosystem for your specific needs.

Food Safety and Quality Control


Ensure your product quality and safety every time with advanced metrics. Measure water activity and moisture content, swiftly and accurately to reduce waste and rework. Secure data for consistent quality, reliable enough to keep profits and shelf life protected.

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Precision Indoor Agriculture


Improve yield, increase quality and reduce costs with the all-in-one AROYA cultivation platform. Get automated and transparent insights from seed to package backed by detailed data and expert customer support. Manage cultivation consistently for increased profit per square foot per year.

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Crop Load Management


Predict and manage crop loads early in the season with intelligent orchard scanning. Up to 15x faster than manual collection with precise size and growth tracking down to the fruitlet. Weather and frost monitoring right on your phone, easy-mount setup.

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