Growing knowledge from data.

The agricultural revolution is us

At Addium, we believe data adds more innovative solutions to the shifting agricultural and food landscape, while still ensuring safety and quality rooted in science. Growing a better future is within reach.

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It all adds up

The core of Addium sensors and software is rooted in science. Designed to analyze, understand and apply insights into real-world solutions for food and agriculture.


Everything we do is powered by data. Finding the right insights to fulfill your unique commercial needs is our ever growing pursuit.


Understanding context starts with precise data collection. Analysis is one part of the equation, adding the right sensor to your process – essential.


We help maximize results in your production by successfully identifying inflection points in the value chain with top of the line software.

Sum efforts into solutions

From data to actionable insights our sensors and software help develop your product to its fullest potential. Find the best solution for your company across our areas of expertise.

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Get advanced growth metrics and keep precise control of indoor cultivation.



Food Production

Ensure regulatory food safety and maintain quality control of products up to the shelf.



Crop Management

Predict and manage loads early season with real-time growth and weather data.



Grow your data to the fullest

Addium helps you grow exactly in the direction you need. Get the most out of your production insights and make decisions toward a greater tomorrow, today.

Growing together with innovative leaders

Grow with a team you are proud of


Leading the agricultural-tech revolution, providing for people and the planet, basing everything in science and data. These are our roots. If they sound like yours and you’re ready to steer the future – let’s talk.


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