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Science, sensors, software – seamless

At Addium we envision a future where data and technology are seamlessly integrated into every facet of agriculture. Over the years our expertise and innovation-driven mindset have matured into cutting-edge solutions that power over 34,000 companies around the world today.




Knowledge generation

Future defining



Unmatched accuracy

Cutting-edge design

Quick and reliable






Knowledge at our core

Our competencies are grounded in the synergy of data analysis and acquisition solutions. Together they help our partners enhance efficiency, drive yield increase and foster sustainability.

Cutting-edge data analysis

We transform complex data into insights for strategic decision-making.


Precision-engineered sensors

We develop sensors with unmatched accuracy that seamlessly collect valuable data.


Innovation-driven mindset

We innovate unwaveringly, providing the most effective data technology solutions in the market.


Tailored service approach

We customize data solutions to full accuracy and understanding of each client’s unique needs.


Investment in scientific research

We strongly invest in quality research that helps raise profitability for our clients.

A growing vision

Ag-tech focused leadership

We see a clear path in redefining the use of data in agriculture. Our role in this vision is developing the ecosystem powering this revolution.

Impact by optimization

In optimizing production, Aqualab®, Aroya®, and Pometa® empower businesses to enhance profitability while reducing their environmental impact.

Advancing sustainability

By equipping businesses with data for operational efficiency, we contribute to waste reduction, resource conservation, and new sustainable best practices.

Invested in research

We will significantly raise our investment in scientific research to continuously improve data quality and accuracy for the greater success of all our partners.

Be an innovator


Every day businesses around the world receive over 60,000,000 insightful readings from our innovative technology that help them scale up and onward to their vision. Ready to grow your business further?


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